Reality is unfolding right this second and yet how easy we can get lost dwelling in the past or making plans for the future.

I work with Gestalt Therapy, (developed in the 70’s by Fritz Perls right here in California), which integrates awareness of the present moment as the main tool towards growth and transformation. By grounding ourselves HERE and NOW we can find our center in life and learn how to move through reality with freedom and love.


Relationships can be some of the most important experiences in life. Yet so many times we struggle with them as we’ve been wounded in relationship.

In our therapy we will build a real unique relationship together. I am here to support your current self, healing of past wounds and exploration into the more authentic self within you, that can hold deep loving relationships with others.


Accidents, violence, sickness, disasters, abuse and neglect can all be sources of deep wounds and trauma in our lives. Some people develop PTSD, yet for all of us it will taint our worldview and can lead us into depression, anxiety and a life of conscious or unconscious suffering. We may lose track of who we are and why we are here.

I base my practice on cutting edge research in psychotherapy (Van der Kolk, 2014) and neuroscience (Porges, 2011) which are bringing to the world novel and highly effective ways of healing trauma, including somatic-awareness, EMDR, psychedelic therapy and mindfulness.